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Shoe care is equally as important as footwear here at Quarter & Last, that’s why we offer some of the best products to keep your shoes in ship-shape – it also helps them last longer, making your purchase highly sustainable.

As it’s an area that we pride ourselves on, when you order you do receive a free pair of shoe trees*, as this is one of the first steps to keeping your shoes in good shape. Crafted from birch wood, which is an absorbent material, the shoe trees should be placed inside the shoes/boots after every wear. This will soak up any moisture from the lining of the footwear, keeping it from cracking while also helping to reduce any creasing of the upper.

We’d also recommend that you rotate which shoes you wear… it’s always nice to have a day off, and this will allow them to dry out. It does also give you chance to wear another pair of your favourite Q&L shoes.

With leather footwear, your aim is to prevent them from losing their natural oils which is why purchasing a wax polish alongside your order is always a great choice. Choosing a polish which is completely natural is your best option, as chemicals such as silicone can damage your shoes in the long run. All Q&L and Saphir Medaille D’or shoe care products that we offer are made from natural based ingredients.

Before polishing make sure you wipe the leather clean from any dirt with a suitable brush and then gently and evenly polish the shoes to keep the oils replenished. Doing this regularly will keep the leather flexible and strong, meaning more wear out of your shoes and the longer their life.

If your leather footwear gets very wet, they should be left to dry naturally away from direct heat, over a couple of days. Stay away from radiators and hairdryers.

If you do not wish to wear your shoes as soon as they arrive, still use a polish on them so that whilst they’re in their box, waiting to be worn, they remain nourished and ready for use. Did you know our boxes and filler are fully recyclable? 

And, if you’re thinking ‘what if I purchase suede shoes’, then your care routine is slightly different. With this material you will need to wait until any dirt is dry and simply clean it away with a stiff brush. To bring the nap – the fine fibres you feel on suede – back up you then use a suede brush and jobs a good’un.

So, there you have it, investing a little TLC into your shoes can vastly improve the longevity of them making your purchase sustainable and better for the environment. You’ll also be thankful in years to come when you’re still getting wear out of your favourite formals or your trusty casuals which have joined you on life’s greatest adventures.

Start your journey today and shop our full range of shoe care products.

*Please note one pair of birch wood shoe trees are gifted per order not per item.