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Gender Pay

In line with gender pay legislation, any employer with 250 or more employees is required to publish statutory calculations every year showing the size of the pay gap between their male and female employees.

The Clinkard Group Ltd always pays male and female employees the same rate for doing the same job.

Having looked at our results in details we have identified that the majority of our gap is as the result of having more men than women in senior management positions in the upper quartile.

We do have a female member on the board of directors and where possible we try to attract female staff to more highly paid jobs within the business.

A positive % indicates men in our organisation receive a higher rate than women.

Gender pay and bonus:
 Pay mean +31.9% 
 Pay median +22.5%
 Bonus mean +71.8%
 Bonus median +26.8% 


Percentage of employees



Employees by pay quartile