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Style Guide: Stay Suited & Booted this Halloween

Halloween is one of our favourite days of the year because it provides us with so many fantastic opportunities to combine our love of stylish footwear with a killer fancy dress outfit… literally.
This year, we’ve looked to the be-suited bad boys of film to create a villainous list of costume inspiration for all you dapper gents out there who don’t want to compensate style for spook this year.
See our top eight looks below for a freakishly fun and stylish Halloween.

1. Frankenstein’s Monster - Frankenstein

First on our list is the iconic Frankenstein’s monster, an instantly recognisable icon of horror. The monster was first unleashed upon the world in Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, Frankenstein. The classic gothic tale tells the story of Doctor Victor Frankenstein as he builds a creature through a combination of science and alchemy. Over the years, Frankenstein’s monster has made countless appearances in film and television but perhaps the most iconic portrayal of the character was by Boris Karloff in the 1931 film, Frankenstein.

Get the Look: To transform yourself into Frankenstein’s monster, begin with a plain black t-shirt and slip on an oversized suit jacket or blazer. Pad the shoulders to create a boxy frame and pair this ensemble with some baggy trousers, rolled up at the hems. Apply some pale green face paint and add a fake scar or two to give yourself a monstrous visage. Finally, lace up a pair of black boots and you’ll be ready to do the monster mash.

2. Arthur Fleck – The Joker

Image: Warner Bros. 

The Joker first appeared in the debut issue of the comic book Batman in 1939 and since then has been recreated many times throughout the Batman movie franchise, TV show Gotham, fantasy sci-fi film Suicide Squad and now his own spin off, The Joker. Portrayed as a loner, who fails at his dreams of being a stand-up comedian fleck turns to crime. Without any spoilers, the 2019 film has been dubbed as bold, devastating and utterly beautiful, with a homage to mental health. If you’re yet to see this film, you’re seriously missing out. 

Get the Look: To turn yourself into the homicidal, psychopathic, ruthless, sadistic, maniacal, lunatic, manipulative, yet intelligent Joker a three-piece suit is a must. Whether it be the more traditional purple and green ensemble or the modern red, yellow and green look you simply cannot forget your derby shoes. A quick paint of the face with white, black and of course the iconic ‘why so serious’ mouth, spray your hair green and you’re ready to takeover Gotham city.

3. Count Dracula - Dracula

Count Dracula is a character synonymous with contemporary vampire lore. Inspired by the historical 15th century prince, Vlad the Impaler, the fictitious Count we all know made his debut as the title character of Bram Stoker’s horror novel, Dracula. Famous for his sharp dress sense and sharper fangs, Dracula has made frequent appearances in movies over the years with Christopher Lee’s 1958 Hammer Horror portrayal being the most universally recognisable.
Get the Look: Steal Dracula’s ‘fangtastic’ style with a sophisticated black suit and white shirt. Pair this with a waistcoat and bow tie, ideally in blood red or burgundy, and you’ll be the envy of the un-dead. Slick back your hair, throw on a long black cloak and lace up a pair of smart black shoes to complete this frightening yet sophisticated look. And don’t forget the fake fangs!

4. The Demon Barber - Sweeney Todd

Claims that Sweeney Todd was a real person were first made in the introduction to the 1850 edition of The String of Pearls and have persisted to the present day. The 2007 mystery thriller starring Jonny Depp sees the London Barber put away in an Australian prison for 15 years for a crime that he did not commit and upon his return, the now-mad man vows revenge applying his razor to unlucky customers. Though many fall to his blade, he will not be satisfied until he slits Turpin's throat who put him in prison in the first place.
Get the Look: Before taking a blade to anyone’s neck, Sweeney Todd is always well dressed in his pinstripe trousers and puffy sleeved shirt. Upon this you will need a leather wrapped waistcoat and cravat with a possible pair of finger-less gloves – not forgetting your barber belt of course. To finish the look simply spray a white streak in your hair and little bit of red makeup under the eyes.

5. Betelgeuse - Beetlejuice

Image: Warner Bros.

Betelguese (pronounced Beetlejuice) is the mischievous poltergeist and title character from Tim Burton’s 1988 comedy-horror film, Beetlejuice. The film’s plot follows the story of a recently deceased couple as they haunt their former home and, with more than a little help from Betelguese, attempt to scare off its new residents. 

Get the Look: Betelguese’s signature look is very distinct, making it quite easy to replicate. You will need a Black and White striped suit worn with a white shirt, black tie and black boots. Once dressed, paint your face white with black rings around your eyes and add a scraggy, light-green wig to complete this ghoulish look.
6. Emperor Palpatine - Star Wars

Emperor Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious or simply the Emperor, is the main antagonist of the Star Wars series of films. Over the course of the films, we see his transformation from an unassuming politician to the evil galactic emperor. Responsible for the rise of Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine is a widely recognisable master of deception and evil.
Get the Look: To become the most feared figure in the galaxy, drape yourself in long black robes and pull your hood up high, allowing it to hide most of your face. Add a pair of yellow contact lenses and grey wrinkle-effect face paint to truly get into character.

7. Father Lankester Merrin - The Exorcist

After a list of such sinister and evil characters you might be feeling the need to protect yourself this All Hallows’ Eve… and what better way to protect yourself from evil than by becoming the exorcist himself!? Released in 1973, The Exorcist tells the tale of a 12-year-old girl possessed by demonic forces and her mother’s desperate attempt to save her.
Get the Look: To embody the spirit of The Exorcist, wear a smart black suit with a black shirt and white Clerical collar. Capture the iconic movie poster image by adding a wide brimmed hat and a bag to keep all of your exorcist essentials close at hand. Finally, strap on a smart pair of monk shoes to complete this ghost busting look.

8. Day of the Dead – Coco

If you’re heading out for Halloween on November 2nd and you’re not after a terrifying look, the Day of the Dead is a great choice. This day is specifically All Souls Day where the dead is celebrated, particularly in Latin American countries, especially Mexico. The children’s Pixar film Coco is a great representation of these characters and show’s just how much fun you can have creating this look.
Get the Look: With skull like features, face paint will be your best friend for this costume. After creating this you can play with colour and pattern as much or as little as you like. Dress to impress with your coat and tie, or three-piece suit, not forgetting your smart formal shoes. If you want to include some more Mexican representation add a poncho to your outfit with a straw sombrero to finish it off. ¡Arriba, arriba!
So, there you have it, our list of the top villainous costume ideas for Halloween, along with some creative yet smart alternatives. Who or what are you dressing as this year and will you be pairing your Quarter & Last shoes with your costume? We’d love to know in the comments section below.
Copy by Tom Mankin & Lucie Simon


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