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Lifestyle: Six Tips When Working From Home

With the current situation at hand, here at Q&L we will be continuing to produce content to keep those self-isolating occupied with positive distractionsOur social channels will be updated daily, though we understand that footwear will not be at the forefront of some people’s minds 

Our Journal will be updated as usual keeping you up to date with everything dapper gents like to readand women of course.  

If you're currently one of the many peopl working from home in self-isolation at the moment, we have put together some tips to ensure your productivity remains the same when working remotely. 

For those who are resting, we wish you well. 

Keep Your Routine  

Start your day by waking up at your usual time. Make sure you still take that shower, or morning yoga session (at home preferably), and remember to eat breakfast – it's the most important meal of the day after all.  

Just don't jump in the bath with your clothes on like some of us...

Get Dressed 

Though dressing dapper is usually an essential, take this time to either relax and work in your loungewear, or wear something a little smarter if you’ll be taking part in remote video business calls. We’re not saying sit on your sofa in a three-piece suit and Q&L shoes, but if you choose to, you’ll definitely be the most dapper remote working gent out there. If you have a daily grooming regime, keep on top of this also. Though Karen in the office won’t be able to compliment you as usual, at least you’ll have kept on top of it, and you’ll be thankful once this is over and you don’t look like Forest Gump after his run. 

Quiet Area 

Set up an area in your home that works best for you. Though your bed and sofa would seem to be the most comfortable choice, we wouldn't recommend sitting in front of the tv and laying down all day – especially not clothed. You want minimal distractions, therefore if you have an office room with all the essentials this would be a great choice. Other ideas would be the kitchen table or in a smaller room in your home such as a dressing room, or even a nursery if you’re children are elsewhere.  

Some people have even gone to the lengths of creating a makeshift desk. An ironing board seems the top choice at the momentand, if family come home you can always move to a different area within the house. 

Lunch Break 

It’s important to still take time out. Make sure you eat a full lunch and don’t just snack throughout the day. Have a TV break or pop out if you get the chance, and even take a short morning and afternoon break to keep you going. Coffee breaks are essential and its okay no to be sat at your screen all day.  

Also, since the outbreak, more companies are offering a delivery service to your door, but don't binge every day. 

Fresh Air  

This brings us nicely onto fresh air and getting as much of it as you can. Though it may be a little chilly outside, wrap up and go for a walk around the block. Breathing in the fresh air can do wonders after looking at a screen for a long period of time. It can also relieve stress and anxiety, which a number of us will be suffering with at the moment due to the current situation.  

If you unfortunately can’t leave your home at the moment, make sure to open some windows or even your rear doorIf it’s not too cold, spend some time in the garden if you have one. 

Stay in Touch 

At a time of uncertainty, we all have to stick together. Call your close friends and family to check they’re okay. Technology is a great asset so use it to its advantages, facetime, live stream or even do a little online shop to take your mind off things. Check on your elderly neighbours without close contact and talk to those who may need it.  

If you have some spare time, why not jump on the new Tik Tok craze gents and share some exciting content for the rest of the world whilst we’re all isolating. For those thinking isn’t that just for kids? You’re totally missing out on the laughs and tips and tricks from others across the globe. A little bit of humour and kindness can lighten our days.  

So, there you have it, our top 6 tips for those working from home.  

As an online store, here at Q&L we’re still operating as usual. But if for any reason anything changes and we need to re-think things in response to government, you’ll be the first to know. 

If there’s also content you would like to see on our Journal, we will do our best to give it to you. You can comment below, on our social media channels, direct message us, or, send an email to  

Stay safe everyone.  


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