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A Formal Introduction

Welcome to Quarter and Last, a classic and contemporary website offering you the finest selection of formal shoes and casual comforts.

We are a dynamic brand built on a set of core values and principles, ensuring that the needs and aspirations of our customers are the heart of every decision we make.

We also pride ourselves on passion and commitment, focusing our resources on craftsmanship, quality and most significantly our customers.

Who is a Q&L customer you ask? An individual who invests in high quality footwear as part of their lifestyle. Our customers value exclusivity and authenticity with the aim to empower their individuality. Sophisticated and digital-savvy, our customers commonly collect product and brand information prior to purchasing.

If that’s you, here are the four promises that you can expect from us and our ‘Knowledgeable Soles’ who will take care of your every need.

Entitlement- The highest level of customer focus and services.

Execution- Highly premium with strong brand visibility and transparency.

Authority- High option count with meaningful brand experiences.

Advocacy- Reinforcing the craftsmanship and quality of the brand within a contemporary style.

So what brands do we stock here at Quarter and Last? Well Sir, or Madam – if you are shopping for your significant other – we are proud to share the expert craftsmanship from none other than Barker Shoes, Loake Shoemakers, Joseph Cheaney & Sons, Tricker’s England, R.M. Williams and Jeffery-West.

Keep your eyes peeled and your whisky firm for an introduction to each of the brands soon to feature on our journal.

Other areas of interest you can expect to see from us are:

Style Guides with information on how to dress and style yourself and your shoes for different formal occasions.

Our Lasting Legends section where we will discuss why these gentlemen mean so much to us and their industry.

Knowledge is Power where we will keep your gentleman’s dictionary up-to-date with the latest styles, trends, and fit, along with construction information and behind the scenes at some of our brands' factories.

Our Caring Soles where we will keep you in the know about the latest products that’ll help protect your shoes. Along with little tips and tricks on saving your shoes from any early retirement.

The Lifestyle section will cover anything but fashion. Think grooming tips, what coffee to have in the AM, how to become a pro at pleasing the other half.

And lastly, we will have a Quarterly Round-Up every season to let you know what we have been up to here at HQ – any trending topics that may have taken the newspapers by storm and of course a little bit of politics with our current situation.

Here at Quarter and Last, our customers are the forefront of the company. Think a lifelong partnership, a soul mate and someone you can rely on ­– just like your new pair of shoes. This is an investment that can last a life time and just know we are happy to help you on your journey with your new high-quality dress shoes and impeccable style.


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